Wedding photography always includes the images that are shot during;

During the outdoor celebration which includes (images shot at the engagement venue, wedding location on a scenic day, par beach and many more).
During indoor celebration which includes (images shot at the reception, temple, Private Locations, Church among others).

In order to have perfect and successful Wedding photography there, certain thing photographer must put in place to have a perfectly acceptable project which includes;

Full knowledge of tools to be used; – the photographer needs to know everything about the tools to be used for wedding photography like every technical know-how so as to avoid disappointment on the celebration day.

Ask for the short list: – the wedding is a once in a lifetime event that requires proper documentation to create a long term memories, as a professional a photographer should ask the couple about the family or group shot list in order to save more time on the occasion day and safeguard from making an unforgettable career mistake.

Improvise for backups: – all accessories that are to be used for the wedding photography must have a replacement should in case any accessory malfunction there won’t be any delay in changing it as soon as possible and continue with the project without any delay.

Source: Canada eta green card